February 01, 2012

Haute Couture in Paris

Selected are my top 10 favorite haute couture fashion shows that took place in Paris last week. I would like to remind you that haute couture is incredibly amazing because it is pure art. That being said the shows that I have selected were not chosen just because of the stunning masterpieces that were worn down the runway but it also came down to runway design, overall concept or the look of each model. Fashion is beyond the clothes and when it's haute couture their are no rules but to give it all you got!

This entire collection was breathtaking as fairytale ballgowns came down the intimate runway.  Each model was styled with a bob and wore dainty sheer dresses with cinching silhouettes.  Pure classic beauty

As I flipped through this collection I couldn't help but to feel excited by what I saw.  The pieces in this collection were so unique!  Although the designer stuck with colours black, ivory, red and lime green he made up in diversity through different folds, pleats and flounces in fabric of each garment.  The little details that I loved in addition to these powerful dresses were the gold accents and thumbless gloves that coordinated with each colour worn.  And just when you thought the show was over, out came former super model and current muse of Stephane Rolland, Yasmine Le Bon, wearing a red gown weighing 110lbs with a train so long that it was carried by two handsome assistants!

All aboard Air Chanel!  Not that I'm surprised I loved Chanel's runway set-up since they are always amazing, but how cool is it that a custom-built airplane interior was created for the show?!  Because of this I'm sure you can now guess this shows theme!  Karl Lagerfeld gave the flight attendant look a make-over.  Shades of blue dominated the runway as well as models sporting fauxhawks to give the overall look a bit of edge.  One little detail that I loved oh so much were the nude nylons that had blue little rhinestones on them just above the knee. Tres cute Chanel! 

What precious candy colours!  Combining shades like mint green, candy floss pink and pale yellow with skinny little bow belts to match and dazzling, delicate floral appliques, this collection makes you smile at its romance.  Each dress is similar to the next yet you can't help but to love each one a bit more than the last.  It makes me wonder how I would ever choose which one to take home with me!

After an eight year break from the haute couture runway, Versace reappeared with a much anticipated show!  I was pleased and definitely intrigued by what came down those gold steps of a runway.  The collection was made up of gold and silver with pops of orange, green and yellow but what made these looks captivating were the gold metal disks placed to sculpt different areas of the body.  They created unique dimensions and gave the line a futuristic vibe

Tricked by the bright neon colours of the runway backdrop, this collection was pleasantly soft between colours like white, pale green and lavender and materials like chiffon, fur and feathers.  Although sweet, these looks ended up sexy with plunging necklines and over sized gold chokers and bracelets

This was definitely an eerie collection to look at yet I found it difficult to turn away form at the same time.  There was a split between dark versus light yet each look was equally creepy because of the metal bull nose rings also covering the mouth of each model.  Half of the models were wearing over sized crystal earrings only adding to their frightening look and others were in studded leather jackets and even alligator skin dresses.  Yep that's right!  One of the dresses were created with the skin of two alligators. Yuck!

I enjoyed how this collection was really different from other concepts we saw throughout the week.  In this line we saw bustier dresses that were constructed from a resin and fiberglass corset and an organic looking skirt.  At first I thought the upper bodies were just painted but later discovered the top was actually created to fit each model like a glove and to show off each women's curves

A romantic collection of florals were obvious on the runway.  Whether there were floral appliques on the clothing or worn on a models head, they were the main theme of the show with a few appearances of modern day bows in between.  Girly and flowy had me liking what I saw

The final collection I have chosen because of its outrageous head pieces.  This show was happy because of all the bright colours that came down the runway.  Every model was a assigned a colour.  The colour of the dress was duplicated on the face as well as the giant paper flower on each head.  Although it may seem silly it ties together the concept of art and fashion

* All images were used from : photography by Imaxtree *


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