February 10, 2012

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of Forever21

With Valentine's Day just a couple days away I decided to focus on pinks and hearts for this weeks change room diaries and because of that I knew I had to head to Forever21 to get the goods
Loved this pink crop top with an over sized black sequined heart!  If you're not doing anything fancy for V-Day this year than opt for this perfect casual top and still be in theme for the day

This sweater brought me back to my childhood days.  Something about the design of this heart made me feel like I was dressed in one very similar when I was a young one.  This idea makes it kinda funny since at 26 years old it still appeals to me!  A cozy sweater in a great colour plus it has a Valentine's Day heart on it to keep you warm on this night

Summer tank - CHECK! Let's talk about the versatility you could have with this tank {after you cut off the useless tie attached along the bottom}.  This top embodies an amazing combination of colours, it's got a super funky print and it's perfect for that bohemian style that we will be seeing a bit of this summer season.  So this can be fun under a blazer {blue or white} for work, it's an easy casual wear for everyday when worn with a pair of jeans and it couldn't be more perfect for a day at the beach!

So it's a silk tank AND it's a combo of bright pink and orange!  Loving it!  Dressed down or up this tank adds a fun punch of colour to whatever you choose to where it with.  This top makes it easy to look good on a dime!

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  1. Please go back to AllPutTogether. It was such a cute name and I really liked when you showed outfits and said "what made this 'all put together'? boots!" or something similar. It was really catchy. Trend Struck is a bit generic and the web address looks like it says "Trends Truck" which I'm sure isn't what you were going for...