January 01, 2012

Vintage Ski Chalet New Years Eve

New Years Eve I worked at a club that decided to do a Vintage Ski Chalet theme.  Since I'm a huge fan of theme parties I absolutely loved the idea!  Fur immediately came to mind as I pictured the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills looking outrageous and totally unrealistic (but secretly loving it) as they headed to their chalets in the mountains.  Instead of feeling ridiculous wearing something like this at the ski hill I was excited to take on the challenge of putting together my look for this party

 What I Had To Work With
The bar I work at wanted all staff to look a bit different from one another yet have something that kept us all uniform so they supplied us with a white American Apparel thermal Henley shirt and a pair of white earmuffs.  With very little supplied meant a lot of room for creativity

What I Found To Complete My Look 
 I must admit the search for my ski attire was very easy considering fur is found in every store at the moment and with the post Christmas sales it was executed for only $60.  The first piece I found was a beautiful snow leopard print fur head warmer that was love at first site.  With this first piece found I then knew what colours of fur I was going for; white, cream and light brown.  Next I got a beige pair of tights, fur booths then a pair of mitts.  I was ready to head home, make all necessary adjustments and see it all put together

Altering Bits
The first thing I made adjustments to were my mitts.  Although the cream fur mitts were cute I couldn't help but add some brown fur cuffs around the wrists to match my leg warmers
 The other alterations I needed to make were to the fur boots that I bought.  Since fur leg warmers that weren't hideous were more of a challenge to find I came across these fur boots that were a great colour combo.  Wearing the boots as they were was too much fur for me so I cut off the foot part that left me with perfect leg warmers plus I ended up with a new pair of slippers!
After putting together my outfit I surprisingly felt that fur was still missing to complete my look so I incorporated my snow leopard Spirit Hood.  Since I already had my head warmer I only used it as a scarf and left the hat portion hang on my back

The Ski Bunnies