January 03, 2012

Beginning of New Resolutions

As the Christmas tree comes down new year resolutions go up.  I will admit I'm not normally one to do resolutions at the beginning of each new year but this time was different.  The last few months I've taken time to reflect and focus on myself and vision the path I want to lead in the many areas of my life.  Experiencing a new energy within I feel like, for me, this is the perfect time to list some reminders {or resolutions} to carry out each day.  My advice to you is to create a list for yourself and it may not be the new year that you choose to do this but instead when it feels right inside for you to make your changes, goals, resolutions or whatever you may choose to call them.  The second step is to write it out, type it out or print it out, whichever works best for you as long as it's somewhere you will regularly see them to be reminded to stay on track.  Because I love colours I typed mine up on the computer in different shades of pink and purple {my favourite colours}, printed it out, placed it in one of my favourite frames and have it hanging in my girly powder room for me to see every morning I wake up and every night before bed
Happy New Year