January 27, 2012

Who Made the Cover

I love magazines!  I'm less of a reader and more of a picture analyzer.  I really enjoy flipping through advertisements and editorials, however in order to pick my magazine of choice I'm drawn by who's on the cover and how attractive the overall concept is.  So if you are anything like me you will enjoy my monthly 'who made the cover' segment.  This is a compilation of magazine covers across the globe of my top favourite magazines.  Loving the diversity among different countries!  Happy viewing!!

:: VOGUE ::

- Vogue Australia : Marloes Horst -
- Vogue Dutch : Michelle Williams -
- Vogue Korea -
- Vogue Mexico : Constance Jablonski -
- Vogue Paris : Daria Werbowy -
- Vogue Portugal : Sara Sampaio -
- Vogue US : Taylor Swift -
- Vogue UK : Arizona Muse -
- Vogue Turkey : Karolina Kurkova -
- Vogue Spain : Isabeli Fontana -
- Vogue Greece -


- Bazaar Russia : Madonna & Andrea Riseborough -
- Bazaar India -
- Bazaar Australia : Naomi Watts -
- Bazaar Spain : Kasia Struss -
- Bazaar UK : Uma Thurman -
- Bazaar US : Demi Moore -

:: ELLE ::

- Elle Canada : Kate King -
- Elle Czech Republic : Lady Gaga -
- Elle UK : Isabeli Fontana -

- Elle Hungary : Emma Watson -
- Elle Italy -
- Elle Russia : Charlotte DiCalypso -
- Elle Serbia : Simona Andrejic -
- Elle UK : Isabeli Fontana -
- Elle Bulgaria : Lee T -
- Elle Denmark -
- Elle Norway -
- Elle Spain : Ines Sastre -
- Elle Ukraine : Jennifer Aniston -

:: W :: 

- W : Rooney Mara -
- W Korea : Amanda Seyfried -
- W US : Charlize Theron -

:: NYLON :: 

- Nylon US : Nina Dobrev -

:: FASHION :: 

- Fashion Canada : Andrej Pejic -

:: FLARE :: 

- Flare Canada : Coco Rocha -

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January 20, 2012

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of BCBG

 Loved this striped little knit sweater for that casual day out!!

 Right now BCBG has a beautiful collection filled with amazing bright colours!  What I really liked aside from the colours on their own was the combination of brights mixed with neutral tones like this top.  I love my loose silk tops!  This one is extra fun because of its flirty arm openings.  Perfect for the spring season that I wish would hurry up and get here

Sheer blouses are a staple that I think all women should have in their closet because of how versatile they are.  Currently I have one in a pale pink and one in black but I was drooling over BCBG's coral/red and this fluorescent green.  Not only are they amazing because of their happy colours but they have an amazing cut where more length is added in the back - perfect for when you want it left out rather than being tucked in. Here are just a few ways to dress a great blouse down or up!

I think because I avoided the colour red for the last 26 years of my life I've begun to embrace the colour with full force in this last year!  These slacks fit amazing and were incredibly comfortable, the jacket had a wicked unique cut that would look great with just about anything and the striped silk tank is an easy wear for any day.  I'll take it all!!

Perhaps if I was trying on the appropriate size this dress would look a lot more flattering but I had to see what this looked like on since I was drawn to it from the front of the store.  This light, airy dress with a bohemian vibe couldn't be more perfect for that warm, sunny vacation.

Once again I've saved the best for last.  I'm obsessed with this dress.  The combination of colours is subtle yet fun, it gives great length to my short little body and the loose pleats make this dress drape off the body in a very flattering and stunning way.  I need it!

January 08, 2012

January Inspiration Board

With the new year comes cold weather and a touch of fur is what's helping me keep warm this winter.  Fur should not be over done {like my outfit for New Years, remember that WAS a theme party} keep it minimalistic where you just wear your fur earmuffs, or the bit of fur on your boots or maybe just the fur collar on your jacket I promise that's all you need.  And try and  wear only faux fur please these little animals that are killed for their beautiful fur should have the right to wear their own fur - not us

January 06, 2012

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of Anthropologie

I'm a huge fan of these bright fluorescent colours I'm seeing in stores.  It's a win win really because now that we've hit the winter blah's a pop of colour is exactly what we need to keep our spirits up and then when summer returns and we have that sun kissed glow, colours like these will look even more amazing!!
  I just love my lace!!  This shirt in particular is overly adorable because of the bow detailing on the back.  How Girly?!  I love it.  I'm also a huge admirer of the two different laces used and the fact that it's more of a cropped shirt.  You have the perfect flirty look just pair this with your favourite pair of jeans and you're set to go
 Don't act surprised to see I've added another lace piece, especially when I just finished telling you I loved lace!  I'm digging the forest green/brown colour and the fact that it's a warmer dress for the winter season.  Slap a belt on this to get rid of the seam, some nylons and a pair of boots and you're on your way!
So my photographer skills aren't great.  I'm slightly disappointed that my pictures didn't do justice for this pretty little number.   It's the first thing I saw when I walked in and it had my captivated.  In fact I was daydreaming of myself on a beach somewhere warm wearing it {wishful thinking}.  Anyway I love the soft colours, the different prints and I especially love the cut where it's shorter in the front and longer in the back
This top was very interesting.  I really enjoyed the print as well as the straps.  And a hot red skirt like this is a must have!  It was a heavier material again perfect for our cold weather and also easy to dress down or up.  This is a stunning business look so go get it!
I'm a pretty big wimp when it comes to cold weather so I'm usually in tights and boots however there are occasions when I would like to bust out something different.  This dark grey cashmere skirt was very pretty and can be so versatile and all the while keeping you warm.  This is a staple piece in my opinion for the winter months
I've saved the best for last!  I loved so many things today but I'm still drooling over this skirt!  The colours of grey and white are so perfect for winter plus it's warm!!  Not only will you look amazing in the skirt but this will be one of the comfiest things you wear.  LOVE!