June 28, 2011

OUTFIT DETAILS: White Silk/Cotton Loren Tank, Club Monaco ~ White Lace Vest, Club Monaco ~ Dita Bootcut Jeans, Citizens of Humanity ~ Tiffany Keys Heart Key Pendant, Tiffany & Co. ~ Silver Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet, Tiffany & Co.  ~ Snake Print Studded Sandals, BCBG

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'?



June 27, 2011

Cottage Edition.......................... Striped In Grey

OUTFIT DETAILS: Yellow and Grey Striped Daria Silk T-Shirt, Club Monaco ~ Grey Phillipa Faux-Suede Shorts, BCBG ~ Silver Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet, Tiffany & Co. ~ Snake Print Studded Sandals, BCBG

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'?



June 26, 2011

Cottage Edition........................... Getaway Pics






June 25, 2011

Cottage Edition............................. Road Trippin'

OUTFIT DETAILS: Brown, Gold Sparkle Off the Shoulder Sweater, Cashmere ~ Cream Jeggings, H&M ~ Gold PendAnt Necklace, Club Monaco ~ Brown Leather Wedge Sandals, Nine West

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'?



June 24, 2011

Cottage Edition..................... Time To Pack

FAV 5 ITEMS TO PACK: Eucalyptus Oil, Aveda [ Something I like to do before I head to the beach is to mix eucalyptus oil with water in a little spray bottle.  I love getting a refreshing body spritz during a hot day of tanning with one of my favourite scents ] ~ Waterblock Solar Spray SPF30, Dermalogica [ I love things made easy.  This sun block is in a spritzer bottle to easily get full body coverage against damaging UV rays, plus it has a refreshing scent to it~ HealthPak Nutritional Supplements, Usana [ Usana offers the highest rated supplements in the world.  The HealthPak that I take is beyond a multivitamin.  It offers a proper balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support total body health.  Aside from loving the product so much the supplements are already sorted and prepackaged into AM and PM packets making it incredibly convenient and easy to stay on top of taking them as recommended.  I always have a pack in my purse wherever I go ] ~ 7 Seconds Leave in Detangler, Unite [ My hair gets super tangled everytime it's wet whether I just got out of the shower or just got out from a swim.  Because my hair is fairly long it can take forever to brush out so I need the help of a leave in conditioner.  In addition to being a great detangler this product also works to give your hair thermal protection.  Something I like about this hair product line is that it's paraben free - less chemicals absorbed into my body the better ] ~ Go Blonder Lightening Spray, John Frieda [ When it comes to summer I like my hair lightened up a bit.  As an alternative to more bleach at the hair salon I get some help with this product containing citrus and chamomile that works with heat to gradually lighten hair and because of this it's also a thermo-protectant ]

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June 23, 2011

Lightly Layered Colour

 OUTFIT DETAILS: Off-white silk tank, Club Monaco ~ Layered Colour Skirt, Club Monaco ~ Swarovski Birdcage Necklace, Fredrick Prince ~ Taupe Chevron Waist Belt, BCBG ~ Grey Leather Heels, Nine West ~ Lavender Leather Purse, Marc Jacobs

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'?



 Yesterday I mentioned Blake Lively being one of my style inspirations. Well here is a picture of her wearing an Anna Sui dress, a collection inspired by Gossip Girl, that is very similar to my outfit of the day

June 22, 2011

Inspired By: Blake Lively

The Beautiful Blake Lively was featured in the July issue of Glamour Magazine.  I had to add a few snapshots of how absolutely stunning she looks

Blake Lively is one of the main characters in a highly popular and fashion filled TV Series Gossip Girl.  This show has her constantly being decked out in the most jaw dropping ensembles that have put her on the top of my list of fashion icons.  Below are a few of my favourite statements that are unforgettable to me

When Blake isn't being featured in editorials or styled to hop on set for Gossip Girl she continues to rock fashion onto the red carpet.  Her style can be very flowy at times but mainly she struts in super sexy fitted dresses showing off her killer body and at times isn't shy to display cleavage of her girls.  Whatever her look is for the evening she still radiates glamour and elegance

Oh what I would do to have a closet filled with these pieces! 
BUT since Blake Lively is in fact human she does have her days where she isn't getting all dolled up.  Below is a glimpse of some everyday looks that still has her looking fabulous on the sidewalk all because she knows how to look all put together

June 20, 2011

Florals With Punch

OUTFIT DETAILS: Cream Silk/Cotton Loren Tank, Club Monaco ~ Orange & Grey Floral Silk Skirt, Club Monaco ~ Pearl Necklace on Gold Chain ~ Jeanie Rope Belt, Club Monaco ~ Taupe Patent Leather Heels, Bebe

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'



June 19, 2011

Peaceful In Soft Pink

OUTFIT DETAILS: Pink Sheer Tank With Grey Leaf Detail, H&M ~ Pale Pink Skinny Jeans, H&M ~ Rough Rose Quartz Necklace, Fredrick Prince ~ Rustic Chain Link Bracelet, Banana Republic ~ Embellished Beige Sandals, Town Shoes

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'



 DID YOU KNOW Rose Quartz is the universal lover stone? With its beautiful light pink colour, the rose quartz emits a gentle and soothing energy.  Considered a heart healing gemstone, it has been believed to encourage self love, heal emotional body, ease heartache, relieve loneliness, release repressed hurt, promote forgiveness and offer inner peace..LOVE..
Reference: Healing with Crystals : Rose Quartz, Phylameana Lila Desy; About. com Guide

June 17, 2011

Delicately Sweet

OUTFIT DETAILS: Cream Silk Tank with Crochet Lace Neckline, Club Monaco ~ Moody Straight Leg Jeans, Current/Elliott ~ Gold Midsized Chronograph Watch, Michael Kors ~ Cinnamon Skorpios Ring Tote, Michael Kors ~ Gold Flip Flops, Bravo Browns

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'?



June 16, 2011

Breakfast At Tiffany's

OUTFIT DETAILS: White Silk Loren Tank, Club Monaco ~ Light Blue Stretch Skirt, Guess by Marciano ~ Taupe Chevron Waist Belt, BCBG ~ Silver Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet, Tiffany & Co. ~ Taupe Patent Leather Heels, Bebe

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'?


June 14, 2011

Pretty Toned Down

OUTFIT DETAILS: Cream Silk/Cotton Loren Tank, Club Monaco ~ Beige Rebecca Cardigan, Club Monaco ~ Green Ali Crop Pants, Club Monaco ~ Gold Dipped Leaf Necklace, Aldo ~ Green Wrap Bracelet, Club Monaco ~ Gold Midsized Chronograph Watch, Michael Kors ~ Cream Provence Patent Leather Peep Toe Heels, Stuart Weitzman 

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'? 



CLEANING TIPS:  I'm not sure about you but it never seems to fail that every time I wear my patent leather heels I always get dark scuff marks on them.  So annoying, I'm sure you agree!  But do you know how to remove these ugly marks without destroying that beautiful finish?  Here are a few tricks to try to help get your pumps looking like they did the day you brought them home.
* Something to keep in mind:  Different tricks work for different shoes so always do a test patch before you begin.  I suggest doing this on the heel. 

Below Are A Few Cost Effective Options to Choose From

* Mild Soap & Warm Water *
* Mineral Oil *
* Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover *
* Toothpaste *

June 13, 2011

Overcast w/ Hue Contrast

OUTFIT DETAILS: Deep Fuchsia Silk Tank, Club Monaco ~ Light Pink Blazer, Zara ~ Grey Straight Leg Pants, Gap ~ Layered Chain & Pearl Necklace, Aldo ~ Laurenza Flat with Embossed Grey Leather and Silver Metal Toe, Zigi

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'?

(Love the Contrast in Colour)