December 05, 2011

Winter Wedding

OUTFIT DETAILS: Dress, Club Monaco ~ Shoes, Nine West ~ Purse, Aldo ~ Earrings, Made you Look

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'?
I actually bought this dress one year ago and Friday night was the first time I wore it out.  I remember when it first came to the store hung right at the front.  I thought to myself I love this dress so much but with a price tag of $500 and nowhere to wear it I can't justify it.  I believe it was only 3 weeks after that moment when I was back at Club Monaco Christmas shopping and the store was having a sale.  The sale was 30% off already reduced merchandise.  Let me tell you I have Club Monaco down to a science.  I can tell you which items will go to the sale rack and roughly when and I can tell when something is a hot item that must be bought right away because it will be sold out before it makes it to sale.  Because I am fairly good at this I remember walking past the dress at first thinking it's not time for it to be on sale yet so don't bother.  Before I left the store though I thought to myself I just have to make sure I'm right and that it's still out of my reach.  I was wrong.  The dress was now marked down to $349 plus an additional 30% off.  The dress was a steal and it was totally worth it to wait the year to be worn for what I felt was the most appropriate time for its debut; a romantic winter wedding  


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