December 20, 2011

Storefront Special

Last week I finished up my Christmas shopping on the festive streets of Yorkville and decided to bring my camera along to capture a few more storefronts that look exceptionally well done. When I was on Queen Street last time it was tough to beat The Bay's Christmas window displays and when it came to Bloor Street, Holt Renfrew was my first stop to admire and it did not disappoint

Holt Renfrew had several windows all showcasing different idea's. The first window I looked at was a partridge in an actual pear (tree).  Come on!  How cool and well done was that?  I also discovered what looked like penguins floating through a hoola-hoop, twirling ballerina's, dancing swans, a marching band and finally a social gathering of men and women having a fantastic time.  What I loved about these displays was how the holiday spirit was captured in each window and yet whether the mannequin was some sort or animal or person fashion was still worn by all.  These windows really do captivate you with spirit, creativity and style all at once

I have to be honest I think what draws me in most is the satin bow in this models hair!  Very simple display with a cute, innocent looking model surrounded by snowflakes and glitter but it did catch my eye.  The other window at Swarovski may appear a bit boring but if you look closely it's kind of cool because they have created a gold abstract Christmas tree with snowflake ornaments and presents underneath

Definitely runner up for the day!  How neat to be looking in on an igloo.  This window is so much fun because I found my imagination taking control and picturing how I would create a chic igloo!  The other window was a lot more playful with snow on the ground, snowflakes dropping from the sky and a couple of snowmen.  The entrance also had two decorated Christmas trees but even the signage of Ashley has holiday spirit because of the big gold bow on top

This window involved a massive wreath entirely made up of multiple shoes spray painted gold.  I liked that the rest of the window was very simple since the wreath was such a statement in its own.  I kind of really wanna make one!

The window display for Louis Vuitton doesn't fit the holiday theme but I LOVED IT!  I find it one cool window between the circus colours and stripes and this fashionable women wearing high heels walking a tight rope with no problem.  It says to me that women are fearless and can do just about anything we put our minds to

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