December 08, 2011

Storefront Special

The Christmas spirit hit the stores pretty much as soon as Halloween was over and nothing gives off that holiday season feeling like lighting, sparkles and festive music!  I've always been captivated by how a store displays itself to their customers, especially utilizing their storefront.  We live in a society where we are drawn in by displays and visuals that appeal to us.  So let me share with you some of my store front favourites for the holiday season in downtown Toronto
The Bay on Queen West display spectacular Christmas scenes each year complete with a red carpet and red velvet stanchions.  The detailing in each of the these window displays are incredible.  I recommend checking these out at night when the lighting comes on and turns these windows into a dazzling sight to see
I loved all the pink present boxes with a variation of bows.  My favourite being the leopard print bows.  It's a fun flirty window display that had me wandering in even though the last thing I needed was more underwear!
The Gap is always fun and playful so what I liked most about their window display was the use of bright colours both through the lettering of 'Joy it Up' and the presents.  The lit up bicycle with presents on top was a fun way to present their festive touch
I absolutely loved the window of Wilfred.  They really did a great job of bringing the winter weather to their storefront.  With snow on the ground and a peek through the frosted covered window you find the bare white trees that lead to the forest of clothing
Zara had a fun window because they brought the holiday party to their storefront.  There were mannequins dressed up and placed in a social setting.  It kinda made you want to hop in and enjoy the fun
I liked the window at Sephora because it was simple and pretty.  They hung snowflakes, stars and flowers in white, silver and gold.  It may not seem like a lot but it had me intrigued

H&M was also a fun window.  I love winter white so I felt the use of a branched out white tree with presents and clothing hung from it was perfect.  Who wouldn't love a tree that grows presents and clothes planted in their back yard?
It's not rocket science why I was drawn into this window.  Silver and pink with some shimmer and I'm sold!  To the left I LOVE the over sized pink bow that decorates the majority of the tree.  This idea I will be storing away.  To the right we have a very simple display of floating pink and silver ornaments with a couple of silver presents underneath.  Elegant and works for me
OK so I am loving Aritzia's window display right now.  Not very festive BUT the deer add to the winter season.  When I look at this window I think of a magical forest.  You can see the faint forest backdrop and of course the deer but then you are drawn to the crystals hanging from above and those that are growing from the ground.  It's an interesting theme but it's the execution of materials they have used for the deer and hanging gems that are the focal point.  The picture doesn't do justice at capturing how the colours pop from the lighting they used
Not very festive but since they use similar lighting to those we use on our Christmas trees I added it.  This may appear to be a very simple display but I love it so much because my imagination takes me to a small rooftop gathering of friends.  This is definitely another decorating idea to store away

Again this window has nothing to do with the holiday season but I was immediately drawn to it.   This window is a great example of how lighting can really create a mood.  You have to admit that if this store just used their typical fluorescent lighting this would be boring.  The purple-blue lighting creates a romantic winter feel that picks up on the silver detailing on the backdrop.  I love the circles because they can be interpreted in many different ways.  At first glance to me I thought they were plates, but then I see bubbles however with winter approaching maybe it is a snowfall?  Either way I was captivated by it


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