December 17, 2011

Sequin Surprise

Have you ever come across a piece of clothing in a store that you loved but since it's a bit different from what you normally wear you're uncertain if you would have the confidence to actually wear it one day? That's how I felt the day I bought this navy blue chiffon blouse with accordion-pleated and very exaggerated billowy sleeves.  Very different and quite the statement piece to wear out!  I walked through the idea of where the most appropriate place to wear a blouse like this would be.  With a gold sequined cut-out in the back complimenting the navy blue colour I knew the perfect place would be for a holiday function in a more professional setting.  Outfits should be put together based on the occasion so you never feel uncomfortable and you can keep that confidence high.  So here is my advice: if you love something but feel shy about it please remember that you are beautiful and wear whatever it is with confidence.  A good friend of mine told me about a game called 'act as if'.  The idea might sound funny to you because it did to me at first but I promise what she said makes sense.  Basically the game is waking up in the morning and acting as if you are rich or beautiful or confident (whatever it is you want to act out for the day).  You may feel silly doing this at first but I can promise you that on this day you will act different and you will stand with better posture and you will experience a boost in confidence.  So whatever the struggle is that you are experiencing, 'act as if' one day and experience the changes for yourself xo
OUTFIT DETAILS: Blouse, Firetrap ~ Pants, Gap ~ Headband, Aldo ~ Shoes, Steve Madden

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'?

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  1. I love wearing sequins. Infact its so trending these days that i wore whole sequin maxi on my bridal shower.It looks simply wow!