December 22, 2011

First Day of Winter

I may be enjoying the sun in Florida at the moment but I haven't forgotten about the winter season officially in affect back home in Canada.  Having to bundle up for the dreadful colder weather I have narrowed down my favourite go to spots for the stuff that help me get through it.  When it comes to jackets I'm obsessed with anything Mackage but when it's really REALLY cold you can't go wrong with a Canada Goose jacket even though last winter I wanted to be different so went with a Moose Knuckle (or maybe it was because it had pom-poms on it).  Boots soon become an everyday staple to my outfit when it's cold out and I'm crazy about pretty much every pair at Rudsak because of their styles and comfort.  Since our weather is sometimes unpredictable making sure you have a super warm pair of boots is crucial but also having a pair of rain boots on hand for those off days of mild weather with rain are also a good idea.  Then we get into the accessories that cover up those other bare areas.  When it comes to scarves for some reason I always find one I love each season at Armani Exchange and for scarves that are a little more plain H&M is always a sure bet.  Gloves are important because between my fingers and my nose they are the first to get cold and seem to stay cold.  Again having warm gloves are necessary for the winter months but for those nights you are a bit more dressed up and you can survive sporting some leather gloves you must go to Club Monaco.  Each season they come out with great sexy gloves whether you are looking for them to be short or a pair that continue up your elbows.  The final accessory are hats.  I LOVE HATS!  Always have always will but I will have to apologize that I don't have a specific spot that is my favourite when it comes to this.  Instead they pop up everywhere and when they look good on I'm sold.  When I'm shopping and see a hat in a store I can never refrain from trying it on because you just don't know!  So go on and experiment and I'm sure you will come across one you love.
Here are my favourite picks from the stores that help me each winter season

 1:: Rudsak, Linda $695
2:: Mackage, Eloise $630
3:: Mackage, Nola $630
4:: Mackage, Diana E $640
5:: Canada Goose, Montebello Parka
6:: Mackage, Frieda $690

 1:: Michael Kors, $328
2:: Rudsak, Talli $325
3:: Rudsak, Toni $325
4:: Rudsak, Katia $275
5:: Rudsak, Tarin $165
6:: Gianmarco Lorenzi, $298
7:: Manitobah Mukluks, $ 299

1:: Mackage, Zoya $245
2:: Rudsak, Fur Earmuffs $35
3:: Club Monaco, Mandy Headband
4:: Club Monaco, Berets
5:: Club Monaco, Penelope Hat 

 1:: Armani Exchange, Grey Animal Print $38
2:: Club Monaco, Leah Faux Fur Scarf
3:: Rudsak, Sass $45
4:: Club Monaco, Infinite Scarf
5:: Armani Exchange, Zebra Eternity Scarf $68
6:: Club Monaco, Olga Snood
7:: Mackage, Matana Hood Scarf $195


1:: Armani Exchange, Leather Lace Up Gloves $58
2:: Club Monaco, Serena Driving Glove
3:: Club Monaco, Cableknit Fingerless Gloves
4:: Club Monaco, Faux Fur Leather Gloves
5:: Rudsak, Glory $90 

Rudsak, Spike $55