December 16, 2011

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of Armani Exchange

At first I thought this dress was a bit tacky when I took it off the rack but when I tried it on I couldn't help but love it.  The silvery/grey colour is perfect for the winter season and the sequined bodice adds holiday dazzle.  The final element that I loved was the tiered skirt that gave the dress an overall flirty feel.  I loved the fit and think it's a great classic New Years dress
 If you love sequin and ruffles (in this case resembling feathers) than this is a dress for you.  This dress does have a lot going on between the two elements but it does work and let's not forget it is New Years we are talking about so over the top is allowed.  Again the sequined bodice will make you shine in the crowd but having this multi-ruffled skirt will have your dress standing out from the several sequined dress that I promise you will see an abundance of this year.  Be mindful when accessorizing this dress because it's already an accessory in its own.  I picture this dress complete with your hair done in a bun and a smokey eye for some sexiness

 I still love the idea of pockets in a dress or skirt not because I would ever use them to store stuff in but because they are simply handy for when you don't know what to do with your hands.  Am I the only person who would be running around doing plies for people but with my hands in the pockets wearing a dress like this?  For some reason it's making sense to me.  Anyway, this dress may not have any sequins but it has a silver animal jacquard print that still gives you that bit of shine.  Between the pockets and the animal print I think this dress is a whole lot of fun
I decided to add this dress in case you are attending a New Year party that is a bit more casual but still interested in wearing a dress for the occasion.  Armani Exchange usually carries this dress in different colours and patterns.  This dress incorporates a subtle sparkle detail running down the arms to still give you a bit of a festive touch but I really love the black and grey print.  Since I'm thinking this would be great for a more casual look I would wear this dress with black tights and a pair of knee high boots to also create a bit of edge.  The other great thing with this dress is that it is multifunctional making this much easier to where again over the other dresses mentioned earlier

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  1. Nice! A good look book for different stores. The silver gray dress is so pretty and just my type of thing. I'm totally looking out for it.