November 24, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Closet

"I like my money right where I can see it....hanging in my closet"
- Carrie Bradshaw -

Earlier this month I featured Carrie Bradshaw, also known as Sarah Jessica Parker, as one of my style inspirations mainly because of her fearlessness, however she also sparked some intrigue of how I imaged my closet to look one day.  We started off watching her in her cute little New York apartment with a narrow closet that led to her bathroom where she would play dress up before each outing.  Then came the stunning penthouse with Big, where he surprised her with a beautiful custom walk-in closet that she broke in with a fresh new pair of Manolo Blahnik heels.  Let's revisit these moments of closet envy shall we?

Where it all began
To being upgraded to this

What the closet of my dreams looks like
 When I envision my dream closet I see it replicating the look of a little high end boutique.  I see it having glossy white wall insets that have all my clothing hanging within on both sides of the room.  I like to see all my clothes at once so everything for the most part will be open and exposed.  At the end of the room I see glass shelving for my shoes and mirrored cubbies for my purses.  In the middle of the room I see an oversized mirrored dresser/table with my accessories  organized neatly on top.  Hanging above that center island will be the most stunning crystal chandelier dripping with raw cut crystals.  On the opposite wall of the shoes and purses in the corner I will have a three panel dressing mirror complete with a little elevated platform.  Next to this I see a little mirrored dressing table to sit at to do my hair and make-up.  I will even have my own small change room with dark purple velvet curtains hanging from ceiling to floor and a massive beveled mirror leaning against the wall inside. 
Well, I think that about sums up the image I have in my head.  Follow my pinterest board to get a better visual of what I would like to see in my dream closet

Dream closet inspirations
 I have compiled a few images of closets that I have come across that I love.  Each of these images have bits of inspiration that I have pulled to come up with my dream closet

 If your feeling generous and choose to share your closet

Do-it yourself closets
Although we may dream big until that magical Carrie moment happens you can still get a little creative with the space that you do have and come up with a cheaper and still organized and totally stylish space.  Here are a couple images of closets that have been assembled well in a do-it yourself way beginning with my friend Lisa's former extra bedroom turned into wardrobe closet

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