November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween is my favourite time of year but the festivities have officially come to an end as of yesterday.  I have shared with you inspiration boards for each of my costumes and now it's time to reveal the finished looks

The leopard costume was assembled around the existing leopard pants in my closet.  The next thing I looked for were the ears and tail to match.  I knew I didn't want my look to be over powered with everything leopard print so I decided to play with texture.  Since I had a good chunk of the look already in leopard print I went out to find some fur to wear on top.  I found this fur shawl at H&M that was pretty and perfect.  In the same store I also came across a leopard headband with a bow that instantly made it clear how I was going to wear the fur.  Since I already had ears I removed the leopard bow from the headband and used it to clasp together the ends of the shawl that could now be draped over my shoulders.  I didn't throw out the headband either because my ears were on a clear string so I placed the headband in front of the ears and pulled my hair back into a tight bun in the back.  The costume was complete with a pair of leopard heart earrings, black wedges and a black satin corset under the shawl.  For make-up I did a smokey eye, applied fake lashes, added some black dots on my cheek area, glued a set of whiskers on my nose and wore taupe lipstick. Overall I liked this costume.  I had three costumes so this one was easy to throw together but still looked cute and playful
Inspiration Board


I was really excited to make my ringleader costume.  The first thing I went shopping for was a jacket with the tail on the back.  This task was a bit difficult especially because when I did find a selection of vintage jackets they were all massive because they were worn by men.  I was lucky to find one that with alterations would work.  In the same store I also located a sparkly black top hat .  I originally was looking for high waisted sequin shorts but that wasn't easy since we are close to the winter months.  Instead I found these shiny red high waisted shorts from American Apparel that I think worked out much better with that pop of colour.  I continued the use of red by adding red velvet ribbon on the top hat as well as wrapping the same ribbon around the handle of my whip.  The rest of the look was completed with the same black corset worn for the leopard costume, a pair of fishnet stockings and my knee high suede boots.  The fun part was going to fabric stores and finding buttons, fringe, chains and any sort of gold embellishments that stood out that could work.  I found these gold shoulder pads that were slightly boring so I sewed on extra fringe that was a lot longer from the original to add a more dramatic shoulder.  I then added three different sizes and lengths of chain that draped down the arm.  I removed the black satin buttons that were on each wrist and sewed on two rows of three, gold buttons.  I also removed the two buttons that were on the back of the jacket right above the tail and sewed on these two cool gold embellishments that had a black tassel hanging from each.  The jacket turned out more perfect than I could have ever imagined for a do it yourself Halloween costume.  The look was completed with soft wavy hair that actually fell naturally from the bun I had in from the night before.  For make-up I did a smokey eye, fake lashes, pink cheeks and a light pink on lip gloss.  This costume exceeded my expectations and was not only fun to shop for but to create as well

 My sixties costume was very different from the first two because this look was heavily based on hair and make-up being the costume as opposed to the outfit.  I mentioned before that my inspiration for this came through in one of Versaces books.  I had a vintage sparkly silver dress in my closet that I knew would work for this look so the only thing I went out to buy was a pair of large clear gem earrings from Made You Look and a silver vintage purse.  I had a large gem ring, my silver beaded Tiffany's bracelet, a grey and silver studded headband and wore a pair of grey Nine West heels to finish off the accessories.  The hair was all about volume and portraying that beehive look.  My friend made the hair pull through with a whole lot of hair spray, teasing, curlers and bobby pins.  The make-up was a bit difficult as it was a lot of black eyeliner under the eyelid, on top of the eyelid and also just above the crease all finished off with fake lashes.  I wore a light pink blush that was paired with a light pink lip.  I liked this costume because it was different from the others and it was fun to play around with hair and make-up in a way that I never normally would


Here are a couple pics of friends and their costumes this Halloween
Then there is my furry little family that got in the holiday spirit with me

Halloween is my favourite time of year because of the creativity you can put into your costumes.  It all begins with a concept.  Between what you have in your closet and what you can find on your shopping hunt your costume will start to come together.  Each year my costumes get better and better and I can't wait to see what's in store for next year.  Enjoy a few costumes from the past two Halloweens that I have done

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