November 25, 2011

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of Mango

I loved this top.  It was a heavier fabric perfect for the cooler months.  I loved the lines in it as well as the use of colour.  I have it dressed down with my leggings and boots but I would also incorporate this top in a business casual look

I have mentioned it before and I'll say it again I'm always drawn to a nautical look.  Without a doubt this is a great casual comfortable sweater for the winter.  This warm wool sweater would look fabulous with some leggings or a pair of jeans

Yes you could say I'm slightly obsessed with blazers.  There are just so many styles to choose from and they work for just about any occasion!  Between your casual days to the office to even getting dressed up to go out, a blazer always works to finish off your outfit.  This blazer in particular has a boxier fit but I love the collar on it and I'm also a fan of wearing white to compliment the winter season

Don't forget about your basics!  If you are anything like me I tend to almost always bring home dressier work clothes or fabulous going out pieces!  Oops!  But something that I love to see is when a women looks good while being dressed down to her basics.  Do you ever have someone catch your eye and when you really break down what that person is wearing it's actually something that you could totally do by going into your closet?  Maybe it was just a really fun necklace that gave that toned down look some pop.  Fashion is supposed to be fun.  So my challenge for you is to get a bit more creative with what you currently own.  Pull out something plain whether it be a black cotton dress or jeans and a black shirt and begin to layer this look for some punch.  It could be throwing on a blazer, wearing a fun scarf or going through that jewelry box to bedazzle your look for the holiday season.  Email me what you have come up with at by Sunday evening and I will feature my favourite look