November 30, 2011

Victoria's Secret

Last night many of us were huddled around our TV to tune into the most anticipated show of the year; Victoria's Secret annual fashion show.  By the end of it we are left wanting desperately to be one of the angels...or at least to have their bodies!  With this years budget of $12M , 31 sets of wings, 38 models and 60 outfits the show truly does get bigger and better each year.  Every show I look forward to seeing the models back stage in their hot pink silk VS robes, the silver glittered runway and of course the multimillion dollar Fantasy Bra and which angel it will be worn by.  Of course it wouldn't be a Victoria's Secret fashion show without the infamous slow motion end of runway blow of kisses by the angels.  Let's get into my favourites from each of the shows collections

I really enjoyed this years intro.  It reminded me of a mix between black swan and Kanye Wests Runaway film.  As the stage was filled with ballerinas dressed in red, the models began to walk the stage in Victoria's Secrets own rendition of ballerina outfits.  I loved how each look incorporated either ribbon laced up the legs or the different variations of tutus, the use  of feathers and bows to conveying a soft angel in light pinks to a darker angel in red
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Photo Credit: Will Shilling/Alive
Photo Credit: Will Shilling/Alive
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I loved the super hero collection.  It was like watching smoking hot futuristic comic book characters.  Victoria's Secret fashion shows capture innocence, flirtation, creativity and are always fun so watching these angels dressed as super hero's was totally entertaining.  I mean who doesn't wish they could have super powers?
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Photo Credit: Will Shilling/Alive
Photo Credit: Will Shilling/Alive

What I enjoyed most about this collection was definitely the bright colours and of course the jewel work done on all the accessories.  What's interesting about the fan wings that model Alessandro Ambrosio wore was that they took 7 years to design and create!  This stunning masterpiece was antique copper plated in 23-carat gold, embellished with over 105,000 Swarovski crystals and is the heaviest set of wings Victoria's Secret has ever made at 22lbs
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Photo Credit: Will Shilling/Alive
Photo Credit: Will Shilling/Alive
Photo Credit: Will Shilling/Alive

You know you are in for a treat when a set starts off with the Fantasy Bra.  This year model Miranda Kerr walked the runway wearing the precious blue $2.5M bra covered in white and yellow diamonds and pearls.  Not only was the Fantasy Bra stunning but so was her tail as she portrayed an ice peacock.  The designers did an incredible job turning the angels into creatures of the sea
Photo Credit: Will Shilling/Alive
Photo Credit: Will Shilling/Alive
Photo Credit: Will Shilling/Alive

I loved the use of dainty parasoles in this collection.  We saw a lot of cute frills and lace that I thought gave the looks a classic touch.  Hottie Adriana Lima dressed in massive black feathery wings and a deep purple corset and actually said this was her favourite outfit ever
Photo Credit: Will Shilling/Alive
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I can't say I get excited watching the Pink portion of the show but I do agree it is always colourful and fun.  Because of this I do think that having Nicki Minaj as the performer was a perfect collaboration.  My favourite thing about this collection were the playful lit up wings that were in different shapes
Photo Credit: Will Shilling/Alive
Photo Credit: Will Shilling/Alive
Photo Credit: Will Shilling/Alive

This wraps up the 6 collections but one more thing that I need to mention was last nights most memorable moment.  When Maroon 5 singer, Adam Levine kissed his girlfriend, model Anne Vyalitsina, at the end of the runway I melted.  It wasn't just the kiss though, it was how he looked at her and couldn't keep his eyes off her.  You could see just how proud he was of her yet totally hypnotized by her beauty.  Too adorable!
Photo Credit: Will Shilling/Alive

I already look forward to next years fashion show
Here is a recap of what we saw last night..

November 28, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It's the holiday season and ugly Christmas sweater parties are getting more and more popular.  I love a good theme party but for this one in particular my friend Jane and I decided to show up in Christmas sweaters that were adorable instead of ugly.  Funny enough we bought our sweaters at different vintage stores and ended up with pretty much the same sweater but in different colours.  To add our bit of fashion sense and keep the consistency with one another we continued to match our bottom half as well.  Jane paired her navy sweater with my white ruffled skirt, off white tights and suede navy booties.  I paired my white sweater with my navy ostrich feather skirt, off white tights and suede cream booties.  The final touches to our looks included fun sequin headbands
Here is a sneak peak of what is in store for this years 'ugly' Christmas sweater party

November 27, 2011

Style At Night

Meet my little fashionista, Kaity.  Some might ask if she's on her way to the circus.  I on the other hand thought she looked amazing.  She's confident with her outfits and because of that fearlessness she always pulls it off.  With the combination of black and white being one of this seasons trends she paired her pants with a button up silk black blouse.  The stripped pants in addition to them being high waisted gave the illusion she was much taller than she actually was.  The final aspect that I thought she did a great job at was completing her look with a cropped leather jacket that sat right at the pants waist line. 
You looked fabulous darling

November 25, 2011

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of Mango

I loved this top.  It was a heavier fabric perfect for the cooler months.  I loved the lines in it as well as the use of colour.  I have it dressed down with my leggings and boots but I would also incorporate this top in a business casual look

I have mentioned it before and I'll say it again I'm always drawn to a nautical look.  Without a doubt this is a great casual comfortable sweater for the winter.  This warm wool sweater would look fabulous with some leggings or a pair of jeans

Yes you could say I'm slightly obsessed with blazers.  There are just so many styles to choose from and they work for just about any occasion!  Between your casual days to the office to even getting dressed up to go out, a blazer always works to finish off your outfit.  This blazer in particular has a boxier fit but I love the collar on it and I'm also a fan of wearing white to compliment the winter season

Don't forget about your basics!  If you are anything like me I tend to almost always bring home dressier work clothes or fabulous going out pieces!  Oops!  But something that I love to see is when a women looks good while being dressed down to her basics.  Do you ever have someone catch your eye and when you really break down what that person is wearing it's actually something that you could totally do by going into your closet?  Maybe it was just a really fun necklace that gave that toned down look some pop.  Fashion is supposed to be fun.  So my challenge for you is to get a bit more creative with what you currently own.  Pull out something plain whether it be a black cotton dress or jeans and a black shirt and begin to layer this look for some punch.  It could be throwing on a blazer, wearing a fun scarf or going through that jewelry box to bedazzle your look for the holiday season.  Email me what you have come up with at by Sunday evening and I will feature my favourite look

November 24, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Closet

"I like my money right where I can see it....hanging in my closet"
- Carrie Bradshaw -

Earlier this month I featured Carrie Bradshaw, also known as Sarah Jessica Parker, as one of my style inspirations mainly because of her fearlessness, however she also sparked some intrigue of how I imaged my closet to look one day.  We started off watching her in her cute little New York apartment with a narrow closet that led to her bathroom where she would play dress up before each outing.  Then came the stunning penthouse with Big, where he surprised her with a beautiful custom walk-in closet that she broke in with a fresh new pair of Manolo Blahnik heels.  Let's revisit these moments of closet envy shall we?

Where it all began
To being upgraded to this

What the closet of my dreams looks like
 When I envision my dream closet I see it replicating the look of a little high end boutique.  I see it having glossy white wall insets that have all my clothing hanging within on both sides of the room.  I like to see all my clothes at once so everything for the most part will be open and exposed.  At the end of the room I see glass shelving for my shoes and mirrored cubbies for my purses.  In the middle of the room I see an oversized mirrored dresser/table with my accessories  organized neatly on top.  Hanging above that center island will be the most stunning crystal chandelier dripping with raw cut crystals.  On the opposite wall of the shoes and purses in the corner I will have a three panel dressing mirror complete with a little elevated platform.  Next to this I see a little mirrored dressing table to sit at to do my hair and make-up.  I will even have my own small change room with dark purple velvet curtains hanging from ceiling to floor and a massive beveled mirror leaning against the wall inside. 
Well, I think that about sums up the image I have in my head.  Follow my pinterest board to get a better visual of what I would like to see in my dream closet

Dream closet inspirations
 I have compiled a few images of closets that I have come across that I love.  Each of these images have bits of inspiration that I have pulled to come up with my dream closet

 If your feeling generous and choose to share your closet

Do-it yourself closets
Although we may dream big until that magical Carrie moment happens you can still get a little creative with the space that you do have and come up with a cheaper and still organized and totally stylish space.  Here are a couple images of closets that have been assembled well in a do-it yourself way beginning with my friend Lisa's former extra bedroom turned into wardrobe closet

November 23, 2011

Sheer Red

OUTFIT DETAILS:  Shirt, Club Monaco ~ Pants, H&M ~ Bracelet, Stella & Dot ~ Watch, Michael Kors ~ Shoes, Nine West

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'?


November 20, 2011

Style At Night

So I'm beginning to see a trend in my Style at Night posts which is how I'm drawn to women that are well put together but in a dressed down look.  I couldn't help but be drawn to this pretty little ladies hat.  I'm a huge hat lover so seeing how well she pulled it off drew me in.  She sported a simple classic jeans and a white tee look with a great pair of knee high boots.  In addition to this she rocked a great black leather jacket that is a popular choice before the snow lands. 
Do you have your perfect Fall leather jacket?

November 18, 2011

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of J. Crew

 This gold sequin long sleeve is a must have for the holiday season I loved it!  I paired the top up with a very different yet fun skirt.  The skirt was dark green with a fun blue pattern.  Spice things up this season with a fun print you like
I will always love the nautical look.  The top was amazing.  This waffle long sleeved top was so soft it will keep you warm all winter long.  I paired this top with a white felted wool mini skirt.  This looked great both tucked under the skirt as well as pulled out on top.  Take your pick on how you would like to wear this look
I really liked this heavy felted wool mini skirt to wear for the winter months.  When I made it to the change room I noticed I had grabbed the same skirt in a few colours!  I paired the white skirt above with a pale pink long sleeved silk blouse to achieve an overall soft look.  For the other look I pulled the bright red skirt and paired it with a fun brown top with gold sparkles.  You can find these skirts here
When I walked into J Crew the first piece of clothing that struck my eye was this 'fiesta purple' silk blouse.  The colour is so rich and stunning that I had to have it in my wardrobe.  I paired this top with a pair of beige wool pants (I originally picked them up in a hot red), but this blouse would also look great dressed up with a skirt or I would even wear it with a pair of jeans for a business casual look

November 12, 2011

Lost in the Twilight

OUTFIT DETAILS: Dress, Club Monaco ~ Tights, Hue ~ Belt, Club Monaco ~ Boots, Browns ~ Bracelet, Banana Republic

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'?


November 11, 2011

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of Zara

I love Zara for their basics and with the cold weather quickly approaching some comfy sweaters are a must to incorporate into our wardrobe.  I loved the colour of this heavy wool sweater.  It's a perfect piece to wear with jeans and a great pair of chocolate brown boots
The structure of many of Zara's tops are incredible.  This top was a heavy fabric great for this season, but the shape of how it fit and the shoulders were amazing and totally my style.  This is a great top to dress up or dress down with
This was just a really great business casual dress shirt.  I loved the cream coloured shirt accented with white trim detailing.  Pretty and professional
I can't stay away from sequin.  When I see it there's a gravitational pull that takes me to it.  Everyone should have a great sequin blazer to rock this holiday season in my opinion and this one did not disappoint.  It was a great colour, great fit and it will be the accessory of your night