November 28, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It's the holiday season and ugly Christmas sweater parties are getting more and more popular.  I love a good theme party but for this one in particular my friend Jane and I decided to show up in Christmas sweaters that were adorable instead of ugly.  Funny enough we bought our sweaters at different vintage stores and ended up with pretty much the same sweater but in different colours.  To add our bit of fashion sense and keep the consistency with one another we continued to match our bottom half as well.  Jane paired her navy sweater with my white ruffled skirt, off white tights and suede navy booties.  I paired my white sweater with my navy ostrich feather skirt, off white tights and suede cream booties.  The final touches to our looks included fun sequin headbands
Here is a sneak peak of what is in store for this years 'ugly' Christmas sweater party

November 27, 2011

Style At Night

Meet my little fashionista, Kaity.  Some might ask if she's on her way to the circus.  I on the other hand thought she looked amazing.  She's confident with her outfits and because of that fearlessness she always pulls it off.  With the combination of black and white being one of this seasons trends she paired her pants with a button up silk black blouse.  The stripped pants in addition to them being high waisted gave the illusion she was much taller than she actually was.  The final aspect that I thought she did a great job at was completing her look with a cropped leather jacket that sat right at the pants waist line. 
You looked fabulous darling

November 25, 2011

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of Mango

I loved this top.  It was a heavier fabric perfect for the cooler months.  I loved the lines in it as well as the use of colour.  I have it dressed down with my leggings and boots but I would also incorporate this top in a business casual look

I have mentioned it before and I'll say it again I'm always drawn to a nautical look.  Without a doubt this is a great casual comfortable sweater for the winter.  This warm wool sweater would look fabulous with some leggings or a pair of jeans

Yes you could say I'm slightly obsessed with blazers.  There are just so many styles to choose from and they work for just about any occasion!  Between your casual days to the office to even getting dressed up to go out, a blazer always works to finish off your outfit.  This blazer in particular has a boxier fit but I love the collar on it and I'm also a fan of wearing white to compliment the winter season

Don't forget about your basics!  If you are anything like me I tend to almost always bring home dressier work clothes or fabulous going out pieces!  Oops!  But something that I love to see is when a women looks good while being dressed down to her basics.  Do you ever have someone catch your eye and when you really break down what that person is wearing it's actually something that you could totally do by going into your closet?  Maybe it was just a really fun necklace that gave that toned down look some pop.  Fashion is supposed to be fun.  So my challenge for you is to get a bit more creative with what you currently own.  Pull out something plain whether it be a black cotton dress or jeans and a black shirt and begin to layer this look for some punch.  It could be throwing on a blazer, wearing a fun scarf or going through that jewelry box to bedazzle your look for the holiday season.  Email me what you have come up with at by Sunday evening and I will feature my favourite look

November 23, 2011

Sheer Red

OUTFIT DETAILS:  Shirt, Club Monaco ~ Pants, H&M ~ Bracelet, Stella & Dot ~ Watch, Michael Kors ~ Shoes, Nine West

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'?


November 20, 2011

Style At Night

So I'm beginning to see a trend in my Style at Night posts which is how I'm drawn to women that are well put together but in a dressed down look.  I couldn't help but be drawn to this pretty little ladies hat.  I'm a huge hat lover so seeing how well she pulled it off drew me in.  She sported a simple classic jeans and a white tee look with a great pair of knee high boots.  In addition to this she rocked a great black leather jacket that is a popular choice before the snow lands. 
Do you have your perfect Fall leather jacket?

November 18, 2011

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of J. Crew

 This gold sequin long sleeve is a must have for the holiday season I loved it!  I paired the top up with a very different yet fun skirt.  The skirt was dark green with a fun blue pattern.  Spice things up this season with a fun print you like
I will always love the nautical look.  The top was amazing.  This waffle long sleeved top was so soft it will keep you warm all winter long.  I paired this top with a white felted wool mini skirt.  This looked great both tucked under the skirt as well as pulled out on top.  Take your pick on how you would like to wear this look
I really liked this heavy felted wool mini skirt to wear for the winter months.  When I made it to the change room I noticed I had grabbed the same skirt in a few colours!  I paired the white skirt above with a pale pink long sleeved silk blouse to achieve an overall soft look.  For the other look I pulled the bright red skirt and paired it with a fun brown top with gold sparkles.  You can find these skirts here
When I walked into J Crew the first piece of clothing that struck my eye was this 'fiesta purple' silk blouse.  The colour is so rich and stunning that I had to have it in my wardrobe.  I paired this top with a pair of beige wool pants (I originally picked them up in a hot red), but this blouse would also look great dressed up with a skirt or I would even wear it with a pair of jeans for a business casual look

November 12, 2011

Lost in the Twilight

OUTFIT DETAILS: Dress, Club Monaco ~ Tights, Hue ~ Belt, Club Monaco ~ Boots, Browns ~ Bracelet, Banana Republic

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'?


November 11, 2011

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of Zara

I love Zara for their basics and with the cold weather quickly approaching some comfy sweaters are a must to incorporate into our wardrobe.  I loved the colour of this heavy wool sweater.  It's a perfect piece to wear with jeans and a great pair of chocolate brown boots
The structure of many of Zara's tops are incredible.  This top was a heavy fabric great for this season, but the shape of how it fit and the shoulders were amazing and totally my style.  This is a great top to dress up or dress down with
This was just a really great business casual dress shirt.  I loved the cream coloured shirt accented with white trim detailing.  Pretty and professional
I can't stay away from sequin.  When I see it there's a gravitational pull that takes me to it.  Everyone should have a great sequin blazer to rock this holiday season in my opinion and this one did not disappoint.  It was a great colour, great fit and it will be the accessory of your night

November 08, 2011

Colour Block Me

OUTFIT DETAILS: Top, Club Monaco ~ Pants, Forever 21 ~ Belt, BCBG ~ Ring, Forever 21 ~ Shoes, Nine West

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'?


November 06, 2011

Keeping It Neutral

OUTFIT DETAILS: Top, Club Monaco ~ Blazer, BCBG ~ Skirt, Club Monaco ~ Necklace, Club Monaco ~ Shoes, BEBE

What Made This Look 'All Put Together'?


November 05, 2011

Style At Night

Sometimes a simple casual look like this still has you looking good among the crowd of a club.  Kim, who is actually a friend of mine perfects a sexy casual look all the time.  Comfortable in her skinny jeans and boots she has completed her look with a pretty soft lavender sheer top, Stella and Dot necklace and her Louis Vuitton Purse. 

November 04, 2011

Change Room Diaries

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of Topshop

In Toronto, Topshop opened with a very small section in The Bay located at Queen and Yonge St back in June of 2011 but now they have opened a new location at the beginning of October 2011 in The Bay located in Yorkdale mall that is massive!   This new location has so much more than just clothing.  It has a ton of accessories, bags, a wall of just shoes as well as Topman.  Check it out!

This was a fun edgy look that combined a pair of high waisted leather pants and a beautiful blue short blazer that had a black silk collar.  I spiced up the look with a sheer leopard print tank underneath
This outfit is more for the summertime but I absolutely loved the grey high waisted leather shorts that you could definitely still make work with tights and boots for this fall season.  I paired these shorts up with this pale pink sheer sleeveless top.  The colour was beautiful and it's a shirt that could be worn with practical anything
I loved this skirt.  Long skirts past your knee are a great addition to your wardrobe for the cool season.  This skirt can be very versatile.  I paired it with an off white tank that had gunmetal coloured beading along the sleeve area and also slipped on my boots that I was wearing that day.  This look is sexy, classy yet has a bit of edge
My favourite item that I tried on at Topshop were these high waisted dalmatian print silk shorts.  They are so adorable and fit amazing! Also, these shorts are a great mix of this seasons trends which is the mix of black and white and the use of dots.  I paired these shorts with the tank used in the previous outfit but don't feel limited because you can turn an outfit with these shorts into something funky 
As I mentioned earlier this skirt can be very versatile.  I made the look a bit more edgy earlier by adding boots but here I paired it with a full sequin tank that dressed up the skirt even more.  Add some heels and you have stunning going out look
I love sequin and bead work and I love a good crop top so this was an excellent find for me.  I love the neutral colour since the whole tank is done in a beautiful pattern of beading.  This will be a great tank to pull out for the warmer months on its own but while it's chilly out it's a stunning top to be worn under a basic blazer

November 03, 2011

November Inspiration Board

The pairing of black and white are one of this seasons trends.  I couldn't help but have visions of Chanel as I was putting together this board because of how classic the look of black and white is.  I'm sure you already have a favourite pair of black shoes and that perfect pant or skirt so completing this trend should be easy to look polished just by adding a new current piece

November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween

Halloween is my favourite time of year but the festivities have officially come to an end as of yesterday.  I have shared with you inspiration boards for each of my costumes and now it's time to reveal the finished looks

The leopard costume was assembled around the existing leopard pants in my closet.  The next thing I looked for were the ears and tail to match.  I knew I didn't want my look to be over powered with everything leopard print so I decided to play with texture.  Since I had a good chunk of the look already in leopard print I went out to find some fur to wear on top.  I found this fur shawl at H&M that was pretty and perfect.  In the same store I also came across a leopard headband with a bow that instantly made it clear how I was going to wear the fur.  Since I already had ears I removed the leopard bow from the headband and used it to clasp together the ends of the shawl that could now be draped over my shoulders.  I didn't throw out the headband either because my ears were on a clear string so I placed the headband in front of the ears and pulled my hair back into a tight bun in the back.  The costume was complete with a pair of leopard heart earrings, black wedges and a black satin corset under the shawl.  For make-up I did a smokey eye, applied fake lashes, added some black dots on my cheek area, glued a set of whiskers on my nose and wore taupe lipstick. Overall I liked this costume.  I had three costumes so this one was easy to throw together but still looked cute and playful
Inspiration Board


I was really excited to make my ringleader costume.  The first thing I went shopping for was a jacket with the tail on the back.  This task was a bit difficult especially because when I did find a selection of vintage jackets they were all massive because they were worn by men.  I was lucky to find one that with alterations would work.  In the same store I also located a sparkly black top hat .  I originally was looking for high waisted sequin shorts but that wasn't easy since we are close to the winter months.  Instead I found these shiny red high waisted shorts from American Apparel that I think worked out much better with that pop of colour.  I continued the use of red by adding red velvet ribbon on the top hat as well as wrapping the same ribbon around the handle of my whip.  The rest of the look was completed with the same black corset worn for the leopard costume, a pair of fishnet stockings and my knee high suede boots.  The fun part was going to fabric stores and finding buttons, fringe, chains and any sort of gold embellishments that stood out that could work.  I found these gold shoulder pads that were slightly boring so I sewed on extra fringe that was a lot longer from the original to add a more dramatic shoulder.  I then added three different sizes and lengths of chain that draped down the arm.  I removed the black satin buttons that were on each wrist and sewed on two rows of three, gold buttons.  I also removed the two buttons that were on the back of the jacket right above the tail and sewed on these two cool gold embellishments that had a black tassel hanging from each.  The jacket turned out more perfect than I could have ever imagined for a do it yourself Halloween costume.  The look was completed with soft wavy hair that actually fell naturally from the bun I had in from the night before.  For make-up I did a smokey eye, fake lashes, pink cheeks and a light pink on lip gloss.  This costume exceeded my expectations and was not only fun to shop for but to create as well

 My sixties costume was very different from the first two because this look was heavily based on hair and make-up being the costume as opposed to the outfit.  I mentioned before that my inspiration for this came through in one of Versaces books.  I had a vintage sparkly silver dress in my closet that I knew would work for this look so the only thing I went out to buy was a pair of large clear gem earrings from Made You Look and a silver vintage purse.  I had a large gem ring, my silver beaded Tiffany's bracelet, a grey and silver studded headband and wore a pair of grey Nine West heels to finish off the accessories.  The hair was all about volume and portraying that beehive look.  My friend made the hair pull through with a whole lot of hair spray, teasing, curlers and bobby pins.  The make-up was a bit difficult as it was a lot of black eyeliner under the eyelid, on top of the eyelid and also just above the crease all finished off with fake lashes.  I wore a light pink blush that was paired with a light pink lip.  I liked this costume because it was different from the others and it was fun to play around with hair and make-up in a way that I never normally would


Here are a couple pics of friends and their costumes this Halloween
Then there is my furry little family that got in the holiday spirit with me

Halloween is my favourite time of year because of the creativity you can put into your costumes.  It all begins with a concept.  Between what you have in your closet and what you can find on your shopping hunt your costume will start to come together.  Each year my costumes get better and better and I can't wait to see what's in store for next year.  Enjoy a few costumes from the past two Halloweens that I have done

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