October 15, 2011

Style At Night


I love a good outfit complete with some fur!  We had high winds last night and this little one attracted me because of how she put a weather appropriate outfit together and still was an eye catcher in the nightclub.  She followed the rules well with wearing mostly black and nothing else distracting aside from the fur vest that was definitely the statement piece.  On top of that I loved that she wore knee high socks, showing personal style, with a neutral boot and a simple little black tasseled sling purse.  With a great outfit, beautiful hair and make-up this girl looked all put together last night.
'Style at night' will be a weekend edition of outfits that catch my eye in the nightclub environment.  Aside from magazines and celebrities a lot of my influence of style come from people around me on a day to day basis.  My eyes are always immediately drawn to what a person is wearing and if I like it I begin to catalogue idea's in my head for when I go back into my closet to pull out a new look.  

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