October 08, 2011

Style At Night

'Style at night' will be a weekend edition of outfits that catch my eye in the nightclub environment.  Aside from magazines and celebrities a lot of my influence of style come from people around me on a day to day basis.  My eyes are always immediately drawn to what a person is wearing and if I like it I begin to catalogue idea's in my head for when I go back into my closet to pull out a new look.  

This girl caught my eye immediately because of her red top that stood out.  A bright fun colour will definitely make you stand out from a crowd, but hopefully for the best like this one did.  I love the black tights with pleather accents, that tad bit of sexiness of her black bra showing through a 'not-over-the-top' sheer shirt and the accessories worn minimally between the silver watch paired up with Tiffany's popular bead bracelet.  The look was then all pulled nicely together with a great black leather Marc Jacobs purse, some matching black nail polish and hot black patent leather pumps .  I liked this look because it's similar to my style, it's a laid back outfit but yet she still stood out from the rest with that pop of colour and bit of edge.

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