November 10, 2011

Inspired By: Carrie Bradshaw & Sarah J Parker


Sex and the City is easily my most favourite show of all time, as I'm sure there are a lot of you out there that feel the same.  The show grew on us to the point where we felt like we were part of the group.  We laughed with them, cried with them, even fell in love along with them (Ahem - Aidan).  But what we looked forward to most was of course the fashion.  Costume designer, Patricia Field did an amazing job at styling these four women true to their character, but it was Carrie that has us inspired by what she put together and how well she pulled each look off.  Every year I have a Sex and the City marathon to fall in love all over again and I thought what better than to revisit the style of Carrie Bradshaw, one of my biggest inspirations in the fashion world in this months celebrity feature

Although we can agree there are plenty, I chose these four.  The first was when Carrie paired a beautiful white blazer with a casual Mickey Mouse T-shirt.  Carrie was always pairing up pieces we would never think to do.  This is a perfect example.  How cute yet put together does she look?  Really though!!!  The second look is the massive amounts of pearls she wore.  Layering is fun but this much?  Carrie said yes and she probably influenced you to go to your jewelry box and try this look out for yourself.  The third look was when she walked down the runway in a stunning royal blue Dolce and Gabbana jacket and nude jewelled panties.  With a last minute switch up from what she was originally supposed to wear for the show, and the tumble that took her face first into the runway making her "fashion roadkill"she still brought herself together to rock that sexy look.  The final look I chose is one of my favourites.  Looking fabulous in this John Galliano newspaper dress it was so symbolic to her character which is what makes me love it so much.  As a writer for the column Sex and the City in the New York Star no one could wear this better than Carrie herself

Carrie was a fashion chameleon.  Aside from being able to pull off just about any fashion statement, Carrie was also incredible at looking sweet from one moment to sexy in the next

Carrie made it clear she had a love for tutu's and anything that resembles that style.  In fact we are introduced to her character in the opening of each show with Carrie wearing the white tutu!  My two other favourite outfits that are similar to the puffy tutu style was the breathtaking Versace Couture gown that she wore in Paris.  I have no idea how someone could stand a girl up looking this magnificent.  The second is of course the pairing of a J'adore Dior shirt with a huge ballgown skirt.  I am obsessed with how fun this look was!

Carrie was seen time and time again wearing these huge over sized flowers usually on her shoulder.  It's an accessory that always seemed to work and pull everything together when other accessories were at a minimum  

I actually went on a mission last year to try and get my hands on this belt because I love it so much and apparently Carrie did too!  Carrie was seen numerous times reusing this belt with different outfits.  It's that bit of spunk that works with just about anything.  Mainly seen to accessorize a pretty dress, Carrie is also shown here wearing it over one of her jackets

I love Carrie in a soft pink with that pretty blond hair.  Furthermore I would love to own all three of these dresses even though they are pretty much all the same colour.  I realize these weren't a reflection of Carrie's outrageous yet workable style but sometimes even Carrie was allowed to take a break to look simple yet pretty in a more mainstream look

I had to add these two images because I love anything that has sequin or beading, that sparkles or shines.  Carrie looked radiant in these two outfits.  I love the cut of the first top and all the fringe that hung around the stomach.  The top itself is the accessory of this whole look.  The second outfit is cute and very easy to throw together yourself.  This pleated shiny gold skirt has been paired with a soft pink top that had sparkling pin stripes throughout it and finished off with a jeweled belt.  This entire outfit was sparkling but of course it looked well put together and pulled off by Carrie

Carrie was very unique especially when it came to fashion.  She was fearless when she assembled each look to when she stepped outside to face the streets of New York City.  She was admired for being able to pull off looks that we would never have the confidence to strut ourselves but boy did we ever love to watch her wear each one with confidence!  I've chosen a few looks that have me saying to myself "only Carrie".....
You didn't actually think I would forget to feature the breathtaking Vivienne Westwood wedding gown did you? Don't be silly I like to save the best for last.  Although a beautiful dress that looked so indescribable on Carrie, it's hard to forget the aftermath of being left at the alter.  I remember being in the movie theatre and crying my eyes out but trying to be secretive about it because no one else around me was, or maybe everyone was doing exactly what I was trying to do.  Lets take a quick moment and imagine this massive pretty box being delivered to your house and when you open it this is what you find inside....


Being inspired by the character Carrie Bradshaw doesn't stop at Sex and the City.  Actress Sarah Jessica Parker out of character still knows how to look fabulous off screen.  Enjoy my favourite picks of her street wear as well as her red carpet looks



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