October 27, 2011

Halloween Inspiration Board


This Halloween weekend I will be working at a nightclub that is doing a circus theme.  Since we all have to be a character at a circus of some sort I have chosen to be a leopard Friday night and a ringleader on Saturday.  As much as I have turned these required costumes into a fun project I did already have my costume for this year chosen about two months ago.  Since myself and a lot of my girlfriends will be working over the weekend we have all decided to go out and have fun for ourselves on the Sunday.  This leaves a night to dress up with no restrictions - how exciting!  So as I mentioned about two months ago I was picking out a new fashion coffee table book to add to my collection and I was flipping through one of Versace's books in the store when I came across the image featured in my collage below.  It was that instant that I was completely sold on doing a sixties themed outfit for Halloween.  Since my other two idea's are very costumey this will be fun and a bit different because this one will be heavily dependent on hair and make-up which is exactly what drew me so quickly to the idea. I love the heavy eyeliner, thick lashes and excessive volume of the hair.  I have a silver dress that immediately popped into my head as to what I would wear.  With the final touches of fun accessories this costume will be complete.  But don't be fooled into thinking this appears to be the easiest costume of the three because I'm counting on it being the toughest to master the perfect make-up and hair.  After I do a trial of both tonight I will make the final decision to hire someone for help or not.  I hope you are looking forward to the finished product of each costume as much as I am!

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