October 22, 2011

Halloween Inspiration Board


As I mentioned in my first Halloween inspiration board early this week (find it here) we are doing a circus theme this year.  Since I am already a ringleader one night I wanted to change it up for the next night.  So Friday myself and a couple other girls will each be different animals.  As you already put it together I have chosen to be a leopard.  I chose this because I love a good excuse to wear animal print and also have a pair of leopard pants that I love but don't always have the right occasion to wear them.  The last time I wore them was at one of last Fall's Toronto Fashion Week after parties (you can see them worn here).  I found myself a kit with the ears and tail to match, a set of whiskers and a fur shawl that I will hold together with a leopard print bow I took off a headband.  Stay tuned for how the costume turns out as well as one more costume idea I have in store for a night outside of the circus theme.

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