October 21, 2011

Change Room Diaries

 'Change Room Diaries' is a weekly segment that gives you a peek into some of the looks I try on while out on a day of shopping.  Since not everything can come home with me I'm still inspired by outfits I can put together with a huge selection at my fingertips in stores.  

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of H&M

One of the items on my list to find was a pair of red pants.  I couldn't be happier with the ones I found at H&M to my surprise.  Not only was the colour exactly what I was looking for and similar to the style I wanted but it also had fantastic detailing that had me sold.  You can see a bit of the detailing here.  This off white lace top was also a great compliment to these bright pants with buttons leading up the back middle seam.

This day I was also on a mission to find an orange top.  This tank top ended up being the exact hue of orange I was looking for but unfortunately I wasn't successful in finding a style I liked.  Regardless I still brought it home with me since it was a $6 tank and will be a great basic to have for under a blazer.  The pants in this shot were also super fun.  They had a great print for the Fall season and actually fit quite great.

These shorts were a great little surprise to come across while I was shopping.  Not only are they cheap faux leather shorts but they fit my body amazing!  I can't wait to incorporate these into one of my looks some day soon. 
You can find these shorts

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