October 14, 2011

Change Room Diaries

What girl doesn't love to shop?  I decided to start 'Change Room Diaries' to give you a peek into some of the looks I try on while out on a day of shopping.  Since not everything can come home with me I'm still inspired by outfits I can put together with a huge selection at my fingertips in stores.  

Today's images were captured in the change rooms of Urban Outfitters
 Loved all the detailing in this lace crop top

I have been on a mission to find an inexpensive black dress for my job on the weekends and I can't tell you how difficult the search has been.  To be honest I pulled three black dresses this day and I thought this would be the one I liked least.  I was wrong!  I loved the side cut outs and the way it hung on my body made the decision very easy that this was the one!  FINALLY! 
You can find this dress here


  1. Sabrina Campbell14 October 2011 at 20:11

    Ohhhhhhhh! Love it!

  2. I love that lace top on you!

  3. I love that top!!